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Happy New Year from the Kitchen of LindySez

Perfect Sugar Cookie Icing

2013 has been a great year in the Kitchen of LindySez. I have my new nifty site created by my entrepreneurial son Chris, a lot of new delicious recipes, plus some oldie but goodies; and have enjoyed great food and wine with the best people in the world!

Happy New Year from the Kitchen of LindySez




2014 should be great too! My son bought me a beautiful new cookbook, The Foods of Viet Nam by Luke Nguyen, filled with delicious sounding dishes, beautiful photos and the stories of Viet Nam that I can’t wait to get in to; as well as to start cooking and sharing with you.

Happy New Year








My husband bought me the sexiest knife (I LOVE great knifes. I think a well crafted sharp knife is truly one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in the kitchen. Save your money on fancy pans and other gadgets – get a good knife).  It’s a Miyabi 6000 MCI made in Japan. Now, does that sound sexy or what? Almost sounds like something you should be driving…

Happy New Year Knife


Knife 2


As always the holidays are spent as a family, making and decorating cookies. No, we are not fancy cookie decorators, we just have a lot of fun making very colorful cookies that taste good. This year I found the perfect sugar cookie recipe along with the perfect icing; no more soggy cookies for the Baker’s.

Cookies Decorated

Yes, even the boy comes home from college looking forward to our annual tradition of cookie decorating. And even he agreed, “Best cookies EVAHH!”

Cookies Decorated 3

Colorful, crisp, and delicious …

We tried some new foods, (recipes coming soon) and revisited some of our old favorites such as this Chili Relleno Casserole, an old favorite from days gone by.

Happy New Year

Yes, 2013 was a great year of reading, cooking, learning, and sharing. And 2014 shall be no different. I hope you continue to come along and enjoy the culinary ride!

But be careful, I might put you to work 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Kitchen of LindySez!

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