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Well, I’m really Linda Baker, but my friends call me Lindy, so please, feel free to as well.

I am a home-trained chef who loves to cook and eat delicious food. As I’m prone to say, “Life is too short to eat mediocre food”. And I find too much food out there is mediocre. I don’t think good food needs to be fussy, or difficult to prepare. I know we all have busy lives, places to go and people to see, so spending time making dinner is often put on the proverbial back-burner. Most of my recipes are fresh, quick, easy, and tasty while keeping both calories and fats in check. 

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While I am not gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, Paleo, or Keto many of my recipes are. My hope is to share both a healthy well-balanced diet and my cooking experience with you.

I started cooking about age nine. My mother taught me as her mother taught her. I have cookbooks galore; read a lot of cooking magazines and was weaned on Julia Child and Graham Kerr as a child. I’ve also been lucky enough to have been in the company of some of the top chefs in this country (and others) and been able to talk the talk with them and learned a lot about food, food prep and how passion translates into great food.

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Clockwise from the upper left – Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Charles Phan, Chef Jaques Pepin, and Chef Cat Cora.

I’m not gluten-free, vegetarian or Paleo, but much of my food is.

My goal is to demystify cooking. I take everything to its simplest point, to make cooking user-friendly. No guesswork needed. A tablespoon is a tablespoon, not a T, or TBL and a teaspoon is a teaspoon. When needed, I’ll give you measurements you can measure; then hopefully, as time goes on, you will be ready to try eyeballing your ingredients, trying new and different flavors together. As a recipe developer, that’s what I’ve done for years…and I’ll try to always keep the ingredients to ones that you can easily find.

So please, join me and my family in the Kitchen of LindySez where I will take the hype and bull out of cooking and deliver to you an honest, easy to read recipe that I think your family AND YOU will love.

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Cheers, From my Kitchen to yours!

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