Low-Fat Spicy Mexican Style 3-Bean Salad

A bowl with a colorful 3-bean salad

This recipe for low-fat spicy Mexican style 3-bean salad is so easy to put together - just dump it all into a bowl, mix, let sit, and serve. Perfect for a tailgate party or BBQ

Fresh Green Tomato Salsa

fresh green tomato salsa

"This bright fresh green tomato salsa is perfect served with chips, on tacos, tostadas, grilled fish, chicken, shrimp...well, you name it, this salsa is a great enhancement. You need to use un-ripe green tomatoes in this salsa. If you can't find un-ripe tomatoes, use tomatillos in their place"

Quick Spicy Thai Style Eggplant

Quick Spicy Thai Style Eggplant

This recipe for Quick Spicy Thai Style Eggplant combines fresh, firm Japanese eggplant with a spicy Thai style sauce to create a delicious hot side or cold salad.

Zucchini Latke with Fresh Herbs and Feta

zucchini latke

"Zucchini Latke with Fresh Herbs and Feta is a great combination of fresh herbs, salty Feta cheese, and shredded zucchini which creates this version of a lighter than potato latke."


A chunky bowl of Gazpacho with fresh vegetables in the background.

"This recipe for Gazpacho is a well balanced slightly chunky version combining fresh garden tomato, cucumber, peppers, along with the acid from lemon and lime juice. It's a perfect summer soup, light and refreshing." While it can be consumed immediately, it's best left overnight or better for three days!

Chilled Cantaloupe Curry Soup

Chilled Cantaloupe Curry Soup with garnish

"Chilled Cantaloupe Curry Soup is a super quick, slightly spicy, refreshing soup. Fresh sweet cantaloupe, enhanced with a touch of ginger and spicy serrano pepper, along with the soft notes of curry powder - perfect for a hot summer's day."

Coleslaw with Sriracha Dressing

coleslaw with sriracha dressing

"Wanting to kick things up a bit from the regular coleslaw routine, I came up with this spicy Coleslaw with Sriracha Dressing - yep, a definite kick"

Cheesy Grilled Baby Bells

Three kinds of cheese combine with sweet golden raisin, mint, and rice, to make these Cheesy Grilled Baby Bells a delicious appetizer.