How a NYC fistfight made me MIA

Nobu NYC Sushi

So I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, and it’s all because of a fistfight in NYC. Yep, I got into a fistfight in NYC while walking through Times Square. Well, let me be more accurate, a fistfight got into me while I was walking though Times Square.   Copyright: jovannig / 123RF Stock […]

Walking Food Tours

San Francisco Street Scene Food Walking Tours

Last weekend I took two walking food tours in San Francisco. Both were great, but different, so I thought I would share some thoughts with you as to WHY. Both of my tours, one of the Mission District, the other North Beach, were put on by the same company, Sidewalk Food Tours, and interestingly enough, […]

The Food Doesn’t Matter – but it does

The food doesn't matter - but it does

I went to my first $2,500.00 per plate charity dinner recently in Tulsa OK. Maybe because it was for charity they thought the food doesn’t matter – but it does. I can understand to a certain extent, a charity dinner shouldn’t be all about the food. I mean, if I was donating my money to […]

A Baker Family Vacation – The Journey Home

Moab Utah

Monday, July 12 – Twin Lakes, CO to Steamboat, CO   On the road again, and we are glad of it. Too many days in one place, we need that scenery flashing before our eyes and are looking forward to spending a night camping in Stagecoach State Park. Another short day of driving. We leave […]

A Baker Family Vacation – Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of the Baker Family Vacation takes place in Twin Lakes Colorado, a town that, at the time, only had 20 full time residents.  So to say it’s a small town would be to put it mildly. The altitude is high, the air is thin, and the townsfolk like their peace and quiet. Before […]

A Baker Family Vacation Part 1 of 3

Baker family vacation part 1 of 3

This is an account of a family vacation we took to our friends wedding in Twin Lakes Colorado. A Baker Family Vacation. You’ve seen the movie Vacation, right? Well, A Baker Family Vacation can be something like a Griswold family vacation. You might wonder how this fits into this blog. Well, there is food in […]

A European Search for Iced Tea

McDonalds Menu in Freiburg Germany

I drink iced tea. It’s my beverage of choice when I’m not enjoying a fine glass of wine or a cocktail. And not flavored iced tea, no lemon, no sugar, just plain black tea served over lots of ice. Lots of ice. I don’t like warm iced tea. Then it’s not iced tea, it’s just […]

The Tale of Herr Dr Frei

Augustiner big ass beers

Munich Did we eat our way through Spain, Germany and a very small part of Alsace? Yes, yes we did. We had memorably good and not so great meals. But memories they are. And while this foodie journey is NOT going in chronological order, it is going to go in some sort of order. I’m […]

Airing out the Dirty Laundry, Bilbao and Lost…AGAIN?

Richard Serra's a Matter of Time

Before we left for Akelare, we had to do some laundry. It was packing planned that we would have time in San Sebastian to put in a load or two, and now was that time. So each person brought their clothes and sorted them into the “proper” pile (OK…I went after them and sorted the […]

Akelare – Feeding all the Senses

Brian and LindySez at Akelare

  Once we had agreed to let the boys join us for our food extravaganza, we had to explain some simple rules. Rule #1 – You had to use your best eating behavior. Not a problem, both boys are well trained in the fine art of dining. Rule #2 – You have to dress nicely. […]