How a NYC fistfight made me MIA

Nobu NYC Sushi

So I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, and it’s all because of a fistfight in NYC. Yep, I got into a fistfight in NYC while walking through Times Square. Well, let me be more accurate, a fistfight got into me while I was walking though Times Square.   Copyright: jovannig / 123RF Stock […]

The Best Leftover Corned Beef Recipes

now that the paddy is over

So St. Patricks day has come and gone once again. Are you tired of all things green? It’s funny because the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was actually a religious holiday, celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland; St. Patrick. It wasn’t until Irish immigrants, who came to the United States during the great […]

When Size Matters – A Tale of New Years

when size matters - a tale of new years

When size matters – A Tale of New Years… Let’s start at the beginning. My eldest son Chris and granddaughter Kailey decided to visit us the week after Christmas. The plan, stay and celebrate the new year in Northern California, visit Oma and hang. This is such a treat, I cannot even tell you. It’s […]

Christmas Morning – Let’s Eat

Christmas at LindySez's

As a child, and being of German ancestry, my family opened Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. As children, we loved this. Santa Claus would visit our house before ANYone else’s and leave gifts under the tree while my grandparents took us out in their car to look at Christmas light displays. It was a well-known […]

Quince – What is it?


That’s what I asked my husband when he handed me a bag of them that someone at work obviously gave him when they had no clue what to do with them. Nor did I. Ah yes, I do love a challenge. And looking online I found very little information on Quince. So I cut one […]

Thanksgiving – the aftermath

thanksgiving the aftermath

So Thanksgiving is over. And what are you doing on the day after? Probably at the Black Friday sales, right? I’ve never done Black Friday. Not one to be fighting over that perfect sweater, or ready to buy that big screen TV. Besides, I have always found the prices to be better as Christmas gets […]

Old Fashion German Potato Salad

This recipe for Old Fashion German Potato Salad has been handed down to me from my mother; as it was handed down to her. It's the pickles! Trust me.

Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzle served with zucchini spaghetti .

Wiener Schnitzel is a very traditional German and Austrian dish usually made of veal. I prefer to use pork cutlets for their denser texture.

n/naka “An Explosion of Culinary Pleasures”


n/naka is set off the main drag; on the corner of retail and residential. As a matter of fact, while we were going there, we weren’t sure if we had in fact arrived. Other than an address, it has no other identifying signs, no name…       and it looks pretty much like a […]