Authentic Homemade Mexican Carnitas

authentic homemade Mexican carnitas

Tender and juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Authentic Homemade Mexican Carnitas are slowly cooked in lard to give perfect results and an authentic flavor.

Herb Stuffed Rotisserie Leg of Lamb

Herb Stuffed Rotisserie Leg of Lamb

While best made using the rotisserie, this easy flavorful recipe for Herb Stuffed Rotisserie Leg of Lamb can also be made on the grill, or in the oven.

Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue

traditional swiss cheese fondu

Using no flour or cornstarch keeps our Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue smooth, creamy and cheesy. Our Swiss family tradition for more than 75 years.

Mustard Thyme Spaetzle

Mustard Thyme Spaetzle

Mustard-Thyme Spaetzle is the perfect way to “jazz” up spaetzle. Sauté them and serve with gravy or just serve them alone. Easy step by step instructions.

Peach Rosemary Jam

Peach Rosemary Jam

This is a  delicious Peach Rosemary Jam. Both savory and sweet and it’s ready to bring some summer cheer to you through the cold winter months.

Sweet Corn Creme Brûlée

sweet corn creme brûlée

This Sweet Corn Creme Brûlée is made with sweet summer corn. Easily made in advance, it’s a perfect finish to a summer dinner party menu.

Chocolate-Dipped Mocha Biscotti

chocolate-dipped mocha biscotti with cups

Rich with flavors of almonds, coffee and chocolate, enjoy these chocolate-dipped mocha biscotti with coffee, milk, or just by themselves.

Lindy’s Cioppino

Lindy's cioppino

Lindy’s Cioppino takes all the regular and adds a little more. A simple low-fat country fish stew that uses the best of the best available.

Chicken Mole Tradicional

Chicken Mole Tradicional on a yellow plate

This Chicken Mole is a great dish to make with someone you love on a lazy afternoon. A little music, perhaps a Margherita, chop, whirl, eat and enjoy!