An Easter Tale – and Feast

Easter Egg Layers   An Easter Tale… Spring. Spring Break. Easter Sunday. The passage of time, and passing of family traditions. The Ducommun Family As a child, we would would often spend spring break at our grandparents house in the country, Calimesa to be exact. Our parents would come on Saturday to spend the night, […]

A Feast for Dad

The whole “famdamily” circa 1956    A Feast for Fad includes many recipes that are BBQ friendly and Dad approved! If Brunch is for Mother’s Day, then BBQ is definitely the call on Father’s Day. Mom loves to dress up and go out for breakfast. Dad, not so much. Dad loves to be out in […]

The Best Leftover Corned Beef Recipes

now that the paddy is over

So St. Patricks day has come and gone once again. Are you tired of all things green? It’s funny because the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was actually a religious holiday, celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland; St. Patrick. It wasn’t until Irish immigrants, who came to the United States during the great […]

Christmas Morning – Let’s Eat

Christmas at LindySez's

As a child, and being of German ancestry, my family opened Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. As children, we loved this. Santa Claus would visit our house before ANYone else’s and leave gifts under the tree while my grandparents took us out in their car to look at Christmas light displays. It was a well-known […]

Thanksgiving – On the Side

The Ducommun Family (LindySez)

Everyone knows that turkey is the star on Thanksgiving, but what about those Thanksgiving – On the side dishes? You know, the often forgotten dishes. The ones everyone kinds of puts aside. Or do you just keep eating the same thing every year? It’s no secret I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my turkey. […]