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Fresh Eggs and my love affair

Fresh eggs and my love affair

Update: It’s sad but true, Poppy has stopped her blogging days and started her running days. I will miss her wonderful wit. 

It’s true. I’m having a love affair. I love Poppy Marler and her blog Facing 40. Seriously. And I’m so honored she asked ME to write a blog piece for her blog. Seriously. Honored.

Poppy is very funny. I knew that when I first met her on a cruise and when I got her first Christmas card in the mail. She has a great style of writing and can be hilarious as she proved writing her first blog “FunnyorSnot”  (no longer in production), and by her story in the book, You have Lipstick on your Teeth, a raucous compilation of women bloggers and authors now on sale at Amazon. Poppy’s newest venture into the blogosphere, Facing 40 is written with the same self-deprecating humor but is focused on healthy living, eating, and exercise. In other words, everything WE should be doing to face 40 and beyond. The same principles she sites for Facing 40 work when you are facing 50, 60, and beyond. AND it’s never too late to start. So check it out and subscribe.

Fresh eggs and my love affair


My second love affair is with my new Ador1 automatic chicken door opener. If you’ve ever considered having backyard chickens but thought they would be too much work…I’m going to show you how to Have Fresh Eggs and Your Freedom Too! 



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