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How a NYC fistfight made me MIA

Nobu NYC Sushi

So I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, and it’s all because of a fistfight in NYC. Yep, I got into a fistfight in NYC while walking through Times Square. Well, let me be more accurate, a fistfight got into me while I was walking though Times Square.

sometimes it’s better to feel good, than to look good.


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Walking home from dinner, in my beautiful sexy high-heels, through the never-ending construction site they call Times Square, I see commotion out of the corner of my eye. Inside of a McDonalds, two guys are yelling at each other. Loud and verbally angry – it soon goes to blows. I watch for a second, thinking “this would be a good YouTube video”… suddenly the fight is coming at me. Two angry young men are coming right at me with fists flying. Backing up in heels is hard enough, backing up in heels on uneven terrain is tougher still. I turn quickly, too quickly. And bam, down I go. Hard on my knee. So hard, I can’t get back up. Ouch.

Luckily for me, two “off duty” paramedics are nearby to come to my aid. I put “off duty” that way because, I understand there are a lot of paid off duty paramedics and police that are there just for that purpose, to circumvent the liability of NYC, McDonalds, the Marriott, or any other business. See, they are not ON duty, they are OFF duty so not even the department is liable for their actions. They are simply being helpful, fully trained citizens.

“Are you OK ma’am?”

“Have you been drinking ma’am?”

“Can you walk ma’am?”

No, some wine with dinner and no.

A wheelchair is produced, next thing I know I’m in the elevator with BB and my “rescuers” and soon I’m sitting in my room with ice on my knee and my new rescuer friends leaving me with well wishes.

Of course this is NOT the best way to start a three day visit to NYC, arguably one of the most walkable cities, as well as being a city that makes it very hard to find a cab for a short ride.

But stop me it did not. Next morning was a vertical tasting of Chateau Montelena’s Chardonnay, from 2006 to current release and I was NOT going to miss it. BB, my husband, my hero, went to the pharmacy and got me a beautiful brace (not) to help me get by. I may not look pretty but I was functional. And to know me is to know that when it comes to my feet, looking good is generally better than feeling good, however, my athletic shoes and red cowboy boots became my new best friends for the duration of my visit to The Big Apple.


Ch Montelena Tasting NYC

A vertical tasting of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay 2006 – 2012

Presented by Brian Baker and Bo Barrett


What fun it was to taste these aged chardonnays and see how bright and crisp they were even after 6 years. Chateau Montelena always makes their wines using only what nature gives. It was fascinating to see how cool years and hot years affected each vintage. And did I mention they were all still not only drinkable, but good? I take that back, not just good, excellent.

I improved my brace look considerable.



(Note the bad heels in the background. Bad heels. Bad.)


The next day was our Nobu lunch. But first we were meeting a friend for breakfast, at the Four Seasons.


NYC Four Seasons menu


Delicious – but a little pricy. A little pricy? OK… a lot pricy. I used to think that the $14.00 waffle at Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort in Orlando was the most expensive breakfast… kinderspiele compared to the $26.00 waffle on this menu.

But what’s a couple hundred dollars for breakfast between friends?

Next stop, lunch at Nobu. Well, if I thought breakfast was expensive, I hadn’t seen nothing yet. And really, I hadn’t seen nothing yet. The food was fantastic. Innovative. Fresh. Delish. Crazy expensive. But this is why I came. And I wasn’t disappointed.


Nobu NYC


Needless to say; when you are dining with the top wine retailer in NYC, both food and wine are plentiful. Made it well worth both the walk and pain.

The next day we were headed for home. Kennedy airport was fun. NOT. BB pulled both bags (usual tag on each bag – “HEAVY” meaning they weigh more than 50 pounds). And on top of those were both of our computer bags. So he had quite the load to get to check-in. I limped slowly behind. Now you might ask why I didn’t get wheelchair assistance. And that would be a good question. Well, BB flies a lot and being tall always has an exit aisle seat. Exit aisle seats require that you are willing, ready and able to assist the flight crew in case of an emergency landing. Requesting a wheelchair + exit aisle seating = raised eyebrows. I chose to walk. And hope we didn’t crash. Because if we crashed, my knee would be the least of my problems. Luckily my gamble paid off.

So what happens when you hurt your knee and keep on walking around the city? Well, you compensate for that knee by putting strain on other parts of your body, mostly your hips, buttocks and lower back. And that friends, is when your good friend sciatica comes to visit. Don’t want to rest your knee, well then, I’ll just take out your back. Good luck with that.

I’m slowly on the mend. Being good and letting BB take good care of me; bringing me meds, wine, dinner. It’s not in my nature to not do, so it’s harder than it sounds, but I want to be WHOLE again, so I will make the effort.

LindySez: I have learned my lessons.

Lesson #1 – When in New York City, do as all the other smart people do in New York City. Wear your sneakers/comfy shoes and change into the sexy high heals once you have reached your destination. Looking good on the way is not as important as not falling in the middle of the street. That is not a good look.

Lesson #2 – Always have at least one recipe ready and waiting.



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