Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe dressed and ready to eat.

I was looking for a good Basic Pizza Dough Recipe and created this dough that has everything I want. Great flavor while being both crunchy and chewy.

Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue

traditional swiss cheese fondu

Using no fillers allows this Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue to be so creamy and really soak into the bread. Each bite, a delight.

Lindy’s Favorite BBQ Sauce

Lindy's Favorite BBQ Sauce

Originally from Chicago for Ribs, Lindy's Favorite BBQ sauce is tangy, smokey with just a touch of heat. Let it stand overnight to allow the flavor to blend

Lindy’s Chili Gravy

Lindy's Chili Gravy on a Chili Dog with pickles on a yellow plate.

Lindy's Chili Gravy is so versatile and can be made for less than 60 cents per serving. Use it on hot dogs, hamburgers, as a dip, or on spaghetti.

Lighter Basil Pesto

Lighter Basil Pesto

 This recipe for a Lighter Basil Pesto only lacks in fat and calories, but not in flavor.

Low-Fat White Balsamic Vinaigrette

variety of lettuces

This Low-Fat White Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing is super simple and extremely tasty. It works best on soft lettuces, such as butter lettuce.

Basic Marinara Sauce

basic marinara sauce

Basic Marinara Sauce - don't let your kitchen be without some in the freezer! So easy to make a big batch, and it has so many uses!

A Quick No Knead Crusty Rye Bread

a quick no knead crusty rye bread

Using a Dutch oven as your 'oven' - This recipe for a quick no knead crusty rye bread yields a beautifully crusty, dense, loaf of bread - with delicious rich rye flavor, in about 4 hours time. Perfect for a Reuben sandwich, grilled patty melt, or just to toast up and eat with a pat of butter.

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

crusty bread with fresh homemade ricotta

This is my basic recipe for homemade fresh ricotta. So easy to make. Once you've had real ricotta, you'll never go back to a store brand!