Hormel Chili No Beans Copycat Recipe

A delicious chili dog made with Hormel Chili No Beans Copycat Recipe.

This Hormel Chili No Beans Copycat Recipe is so close to the original but easy to modify to your own taste and texture preferences. For the perfect chili dog or hamburger!

Quick Pho with Ginger Pork Meatballs

Quick Pho with Ginger Pork Meatballs header shot unfinished

Using a few simple shortcuts gives this Quick Pho with Ginger Pork Meatballs a rich deep beef broth in just an hours time. A perfect weeknight meal or lunch

White Bean Chicken Chili

white bean chicken chili in a white bowl

White Bean Chicken Chili is an easy, and versatile dish – made with white beans, lean chicken breast and plenty of flavorful chilies.


A chunky bowl of Gazpacho with fresh vegetables in the background.

This recipe for Gazpacho is a well balanced slightly chunky version combining fresh garden tomato, cucumber, peppers, along with acid from lemon and lime juice. It’s a perfect summer soup, light and refreshing

Easy Pulled Pork Sliders

Using either a slow-cooker or cooked slowly in the oven, this recipe for Easy Pulled Pork Sliders is simply delicious. And as it says, easy.

Chilled Cantaloupe Curry Soup

Chilled Cantaloupe Curry Soup with garnish

This recipe for Chilled Cantaloupe Curry Soup is a super quick, refreshing soup; spiced with just a touch of fresh ginger, Serrano peppers and orange juice. Perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Buffalo Chicken Salad-Done Light

Buffalo chicken salad-done light

Buffalo Chicken Salad-Done Light brings you all the flavor of your favorite snack, without the nasty calories. Perfect for an easy lunch or dinner.

Beef Barley Vegetable Soup

Beef Barley Vegetable Soup

Using left-over roast beef made this recipe for Beef Barley Vegetable Soup delicious, easy and economical. Full flavor, high in fiber, low in fat. Perfect on a cold afternoon or evening.